In-line liquid concentration measurements for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and biotechnology processes

Increase yield, produce on-spec products always and lower production costs

Vaisala K-PATENTS? refractometers provide continuous and accurate, reliable, repeatable and reproducible measurements for applications aligned with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) manufacturing methods.
??? ?Process data for every batch or lot via the Ethernet.
??? ?Aids in compliance with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)?
??? ?Sanitary 3-A and EHEDG certified.
??? ?Audit trail and access controls for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.?
??? ?Traceable calibration and verification.?
??? ?IQ/OQ documentation for validation.?

Applications in pharmaceuticals manufacturing

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) production and pharmaceuticals processing?at all scales in small molecules medicines manufacturing, and throughout the manufacturing line from reaction monitoring to downstream processes such as crystallization and filter cake washing.

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Filter cake washing

Acquire deep process understanding by measurement data, develop unique washing profiles and find the most suitable washing solvent for increased yield and maximum wash result.?

Aspirin crystallization

Measure liquid phase in aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) crystallization and control your crystallization process. ?

Applications in biotechnology processes

Timely measurements for the development and monitoring of biopharmaceuticals processing such as fermentation, cell culture, protein buffer solutions and concentration.

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Pharmaceutical fermentation

Measurement solutions for standardizing and automating processes. From fermentation profile design to scale-up and for determining the endpoint of fermentation instantly and reliably with no deviations on full-scale production.

Vaccines production

Collect only the virus fraction with correct density for best yield in purification operations/downstream processes.?

Penicillin production

Measure concentration of raw penicillin, monitor fermentation process and maintain optimal conditions with high yield during production.?

Medical applications

Wound dressing, medical implants manufacturing and medical protective wear.?

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Can't find your application?

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