Lightning Detection

The impacts of lightning can be severe, affecting assets and property, business operations, travel, and even our recreational activities. Vaisala understands the challenges lightning can bring to your business and operations.


fewer sensors needed for greater accuracy


lightning detection networks installed globally


countries with successful lightning network establishments


years of proven weather measurement technology

For over 30 years, we have created products and services that deliver lightning data that our customers trust to assist their critical decision-making.?Our trusted solutions support your operations, whether you want to operate your own network, or rely on lightning data and decision support provided by us.

Vaisala Lightning Network Maintenance

Lightning Networks

Learn why meteorological agencies around the world rely on Vaisala lightning technologies?to improve forecasts, severe weather warnings, and keep their economies moving forward.

Airport Lightning

Increase Safety and Minimize Downtimes at Airports

Thunderstorms, lightning and weather associated with lightning can cause challenges not only for pilots but also for entire airport operations. An airport committed to safety and efficiency is aware of weather's impact on its operations.

Lightning on wind farm

Lightning Alerts to Mitigate Costs in Renewable Energy

The impacts of lightning can be severe, affecting assets, property and?business operations. Access to critical lightning data assists your decision-making in challenges lightning can bring to your business and operations.

Vaisala Annual Lightning Report 2019

Annual Lightning Report 2019

Each year we release data from the National Lightning Detection Network and Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 which monitor all lightning activity across the continental United States, as well as globally. Download your copy of the 2019 Annual Lightning...

32% less lightning in May-June 2020

Where’s all my lightning?

There was a significant decrease in the lightning counts for May and June 2020 when compared to the 5-year average across the Continental United States. This year, our National Lightning Detection Network NLDN detected an astonishing 32% decrease from the average 76-million lightning events for those months! We set out to see what could cause the low numbers.

Continuing current map stages

Identify the lightning strokes with potential to be the most destructive

New patented Continuing Current Dataset is the first to distinguish the most destructive types of lightning that are the most likely to cause fires and property damage. For the first time, decision-makers have the information required to target — and mitigate the impact of — the lightning events most likely to cause extreme heat damage.?

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Lightning Over Town

ILDC/ILMC Conference

The ILDC/ILMC (International Lightning Detection Conference/International Lightning Meteorology Conference)?is a scientific conference focused on lightning detection topics and meteorological applications for lightning data.