Incubator Measurement and Monitoring

Monitor and measure your medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnical incubators with Vaisala monitoring solutions for incubators. Designed for GxP applications, the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system and devices ensure regulatory compliance, and provide assurance of accurate test and process results.

The system offers:?

  • Industry-best sensors with easy-to-use software to reduce the risk of failed tests and incubation processes
  • Low cost-of-ownership due to easy connectivity via PoE, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet
  • Scalability up to thousands of monitored locations
  • Gap-free and protected data records for compliance with GxP
  • 24/7 remote alarming via SMS, e-mail, and more
  • Custom reports can be scheduled and automatically delivered by email, or generated on demand
  • Comprehensive IQOQ validation and on-site installation services ensure a smooth start-up and higher productivity
  • Vaisala also offers hand-held CO2, humidity and temperature meters for spot-checking and OEM modules and probes for incubator manufacturers

Watch the video

On site calibration of CO2 in a working incubator using the Vaisala GM70

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