Demanding Industrial Processes

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 Vaisala CARBOCAP? Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251

CO? Probe GMP251

for %-level measurements in life science incubators, cold storage facilities and all demanding applications
The Vaisala CARBOCAP? Carbon Dioxide...
CO2 Probe is suitable for agriculture, refrigeration, greenhouses, demanding HVAC applications, and for plant growth chamber manufacturers

CO? Probe GMP252

for ppm-level measurements in agriculture, refrigeration, demanding HVAC, and for plant growth manufacturers
The Vaisala CARBOCAP? Carbon Dioxide...
Probe head and probe body of the DMP6 for very high temperatures

Dew Point Probe DMP6

for in-line measurement in very high temperature applications <350 °C
Vaisala DRYCAP? Dew Point and Temperature Probe DMP6 is designed for in-line...
Vaisala Insight PC Software

Insight PC Software

for easy access to Indigo compatible probes
Vaisala Insight PC Software gives quick access to the configurations and data of the Indigo family...
MMP8 probe head and body

Moisture in Oil Probe MMP8

for continuous online measurement?
Vaisala HUMICAP? Moisture in Oil Probe MMP8 enables fast and reliable measurement of moisture in oil. It uses...
DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter for Refrigerant Dryers

Dew Point Meter DMT132

for refrigerant dryers
Vaisala HUMICAP? Dewpoint Transmitter DMT132 is an affordable dew point measurement instrument designed to verify the...
DM70 Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70

for spot-checking applications
Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70 for spot-checking applications and field calibration offers accurate and fast measurement...
Vaisala vLog SP

vLog VL software

for validation/mapping of GxP environments
The vLog system is the most accurate and effective solution for understanding your environments and...