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Your biogas plant is on – but is it really on?

Biogas production provides enormous opportunities for both people and the planet. However, plants still suffer from inefficiency. It is estimated that the average biogas plant could have a substantially better yield when performing optimally. The answer to solving this is better measurement. Vaisala has launched the first ever 3-in-1 measurement probe, which is very easy to install and use. Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal and accelerate your bio-engine?

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Get more value out of waste

From Waste to Value

Biogas production is an organic process, which means it is inconsistent. The better you can monitor your entire process and react to these inconsistencies, the more efficient it becomes.

Increase Revenues

Get more value out of waste: improve CH4 concentration and biogas quality through timely actions based on stable online measurement.







Biogas Plant

Reduce Operating Costs

For most biogas plant manufacturers and integrators, it is critical to protect the CHP (combined heat and power) engine from excess moisture during the process to avoid corrosion and breakdowns.

  • Prolong the replacement interval of active carbon filters by keeping the humidity conditions within specifications
  • Prevent the CHP engine from wear and shutdown due to wet gas – an engine out of operation is costly
  • Know your gas quality better

Right there. Right now. In-line.

The key feature of the Vaisala MGP261 is its superior ease of use. Automatic calibration and no sampling equipment needed. Just a better process.

Superior stability

  • Only probe which measures CH4, CO2 and H2O
  • Auto-calibration reduces expensive calibration work significantly
  • Heated probe tolerates high humidity
  • Corrosion resistant material with durable filter

Install with ease

  • Easy to install in situ
  • Fits to any existing system
  • Ex certified
  • Integrates with the distributed control system

Ease of operation

  • Light and robust design
  • No sampling or moisture removal needed
  • No pumps or gas calibration cylinders
Antti Heikkil?, Vaisala

Words from Our Expert

Learn the benefits of continuous in-line methane and moisture measurement in the biogas process, as well as how to improve biogas plant revenues and efficiency while cutting downtime and repairs to a minimum.

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Biogas eGuide

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A concise yet comprehensive guide to optimizing biogas production through accurate measurement. Download the eGuide and get ready to boost your business with practical help from our experts.

Sensing a Sustainable Future

Vaisala has extensive experience in measurement in the harshest possible conditions, from Earth to space. We are known for our expertise in humidity measurement, which accelerates many industries, including the biogas industry.

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