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Highly accurate weather and road weather solutions to enhance driver safety and passenger comfort while providing valuable information to drive ongoing product development.


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    As automotive technology evolves, manufacturers must find ways to meet customer expectations for assisted and automated driving and in-car access to value-added infotainment content — while also supporting driver safety and passenger comfort. Vaisala’s automotive solutions deliver highly accurate weather and road weather data to support these targets in a variety of ways.


    As ADAS and AD systems become more prominent across the automotive industry, safety continues to remain a top priority. Vaisala’s precision road weather and weather data support responsive advanced driving technology that enhances both driver safety and passenger comfort. Accurate and local weather forecasts help optimize route planning and elevate the in-car user experience.


    Consistently ranked in the top 3 by third-party analysts, Vaisala’s automotive solutions provide data of the highest quality. Proven numerical modeling and forecasting technology deliver consistently reliable data about conditions around the globe to support ongoing research and development of advanced driving technology and customer-facing road weather products.

    Vaisala Automotive Solutions Support World-Class Auto Manufacturer

    Read this press release for a real-world example of how Vaisala’s precision weather and road weather data is impacting the automotive manufacturing industry.

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